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Stories of Hope

God does great things in our lives

  even in the midst of really hard things.


Share YOUR story, too.


I decided to go ahead and take the Financial Peace University class last fall after trying my best to ignore the tug I felt to do it each time I heard an ad on WCIC in previous years. I kept finding myself thinking “Really my finances aren’t that bad, I can do this on my…



I was struggling with faith, and my mom said “Josh, just believe and he will take care of the rest.” I was still struggling with faith, but one night I woke up to very loud music playing in my radio. I looked at what was playing and it was WCIC, from this point on (about…



Well, God has done a lot in my life these past couple months. I grew up in a christian home and went to church every Sunday. But as life went on, we stopped going and I strayed from God. It got pretty bad, until he found me again. It started when somebody I once knew…



My husband and I were traveling on our motorcycles from Illinois to Alabama to see my mother. It was our first long trip on the bikes and we were having a wonderful time looking at God’s wondrous scenery as we traveled. We both love riding at night as well so it was nothing for us…



My family has never had it super easy but last September my youngest brother had a bad accident and has had to have many surgeries and skin grafts, therapy twice a week and visits to a plastic surgeon every other week. When he first got hurt he was flown to St. John’s Children’s hospital from…


Julie W.

My faith was put to the test this past year as I suffered a huge and breathtaking loss, the unexpected death of my son. Through the surreal experience of intense pain and heartbreak, God has carried me, and given me hope and strength to face each day. I am thankful for years in a Bible…