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The Music Team

let your voice be heard

You want to hear your favorite songs.

Playing your favorite music as often as you want to hear it is our goal. If you haven't joined the music team, don't miss your chance to let your voice be heard. Your feedback is what makes that possible.

"Thank you  so much for sharing your opinion with me." - Joe B., Music Director

Joe B., the Music Director for WCIC, uses the results of Music Team surveys to decide how to adjust what's playing each week.

What's involved?

It's really pretty easy...

Once or twice a month, you'll get a survey by email. For each of 10 songs, you rate how you feel about it, like:

"A favorite!"
"It's okay."
"Tiring of it."
"Don't know it."

There are song clips in case you don't recognize one.

It only takes 2-3 minutes to complete using your smart phone or computer.

Sign up below: