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Meet the Team

WCIC Staff Members

Dave Brooks

Office Manager

Jeremy Tracey

Operations Director
& Morning Show Co-host

Ellee Skiles

Office Manager
& Weekend Host

Jessie Browning

Community Engagement Director
& Weekend Host

Jill Tracey

Morning Show Co-host
& Script Writer

Brian Williamsen

Afternoon Show Co-host
& Community Matters

Janine Fairchild

Afternoon Show Co-host
& Business Underwriting

Tonya Davis

Evening Show Host
& Office Assistant

Kira Kyle

Lead Digital Content Producer

Mark Steubinger

Production Director &
Community Engagement Asst.

Joe Buchanan

Music Director

Brian Miller

Fundraising Director

Rick Smith

Director of Technology

Greg Kaurin


Joe Roether

RF Engineer

Jared Stuemke


Katie Post

Weekend Host

Eugene Daniel

Weekend Host

Steve Brown

Weekend Host

Kathy Post

Office Assistant