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Late yesterday afternoon, I met with my urologist to discuss the results from a recent biopsy, and he informed me that I have prostate cancer.

Just this morning, as I was about to leave the house for work, WCIC played the song “Shoulders,” by For King and Country, so I hung around to listen. I imagine you know it, but it’s a GREAT song about how God “carries our weakness, brokenness, and sickness all on His shoulders.” And the song meant even MORE to me because we’ve met the guys from For King and Country (really COOL dudes from Australia) backstage at Joyful Noise, the big outdoor Christian concert we often attend with our family in Minnesota.

We’ve heard For King and Country perform “Shoulders” live at both Joyful Noise and at Winter Jam in Peoria. THANKS to the Lord and to WCIC for giving me such a timely reminder today that those who trust in the Lord NEVER WALK ALONE!

The GOOD NEWS is that we appear to have caught the cancer early, and my doctor gave me every indication that we should be able to treat it successfully. I’m feeling very good physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Just thought you’d like to hear how WCIC uplifted me today! Keep up the great work!