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I was born with Cerebral palsy; thankfully only my legs were affected and for years I cried, begged, asked, and got angry with God because I wasn’t healed. Recently I got the wisdom to do research on Cerebral palsy to see if there was any cure or solutions to help me have a better life. I was in a lot of pain to the point I couldn’t walk. So I asked God to open doors for me or send someone who could help all I wanted was the pain to leave. I went to a surgeon in Bloomington and he told me he would never do surgery on me ever because I was stubborn as a kid but as a kid how was I supposed to understand why I am the way I am why am I the one with CP? so I went around asking drs if there was anything that could be done and one dr told me he was going to send me to a CP Specialist who was all in Peoria and come to find out he was my surgeon when I was a kid 🙂 with multiple X-rays measurements of my legs and a lot of prayer and consideration he said he could do surgery to shorten my right leg I am in rehab still after a month of the surgery my heels touch and I can walk normally I am able for the first time to pick up my right leg I always dragged it I had nurses that prayed with me encouraged me and told me if I didn’t get the surgery I’ll be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life which was not an option for me so I knew that this was God’s plan every morning I wake up and turn on wcic in the rehab because it’s hard to focus on God with my situation wcic has helped me keep my eyes on God I’m thankful for my family my church and all my nurses and drs sometimes we have to walk through stuff by faith with my surgery I didn’t know if it was from God or not but when a nurse prayed over me i felt peace when my pastors mom prayed over me I felt peace but in a way I had to walk through this recovery by faith and now I know this was Gods plan and I am so thankful I walked by faith thank you wcic for this ministry