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I spent most of my life attending church and Sunday School. I learned everything that I was required to learn. I was baptized as a child and confirmed after several months of confirmation classes when I was a young adult. I had my two daughters baptized as babies and continue to attend Sunday school until they took confirmation classes and we confirmed. I believed in God and always considered myself a Christian.

It was not until my life was completely turned upside down that I realized just how much I needed Jesus Christ to be the most important person in my life. I made a conscious decision to follow Christ in a way that I had never even imagined before this day. As hard as it was in the beginning, I had to put all my trust in his word and in his love. And oh, how my life changed the very moment I gave up trying to control the path my life was on and really let my Heavenly Father lead me through my life. I became a new person! A person who’s first priority was to follow the path my Holy Father had placed before me. For the first time, I realized just how much I loved the amazing God and Father who had created me. I continue to grow in my faith every since that day.

I have learned so much from the wonderful people who I spend hours a day listening to and praying with on WCIC. You always seem to say the right things and play all of the songs that I so desperately need to hear. Thank you so much, my brothers and sisters in Christ.
I lost both of my parents, my mom to lung and bone cancer and seven days later I lost my dad to a ruptured aortic aneurysm. After the shock, sadness, and longing for some reason why this had happened, the song “The Hurt and the Healer” came on your station. It was at the moment that I realized that, as the lyrics say, “healing doesn’t come from the explained.” I realized that knowing why this happened would not change anything.