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On Jan. 13, 2005 I was driving home from the burial site of my 44 year old brother, Joe. He had been killed on January 8th by a drunk driver. I remember crying and asking God “why?” . It did not seem fair. We had already lost my sister 4 years previously on 12/31/2000. She had been 42. And Joe had left behind a wife and 3 young sons. It was not fair. I was listening to WCIC and Jeremy was on the air. He stated that if there was someone who was going through a hard time or needed comfort to hold on. He were going to play the new MercyMe song, “Homesick.” So I turned up the volume and waited. That song was truly a blessing and ministered to us more that year as we also lost my dad in September and my mom in November. One song, but it brought peace to a heart and family in turmoil. That is why I’m proud to be able to support the ministry. You do a lot of good and I thank you for showing God’s love.