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I have a pretty amazing God story. I am 38 years old and I’ve been nearly legally blind since birth. I have a condition called Nystagmus which causes involuntary movement of the eyes. It made it very difficult to focus. Throughout my life I went to several specialists only to be advised that there was nothing they could do for me. I can’t say I wasn’t a little disappointed, but I had honestly reached the point where I had happily accepted all that God has blessed me with and how he made me.

Little did I know my life was about to drastically change. About a year ago I was watching YouTube with my son Jaxon. We love watching sports videos and Make a Wish videos. Well, we had finished up watching and I was getting ready to turn off the tv when a video caught my eye. It looked like it was about baseball (our favorite sport) and Make a Wish. I told my son “Lets just watch this one last video and then we’ll be done.” The video was about a little boy that needed eye surgery and how Mike Trout from the Los Angeles Angels helped him get that surgery. As we watched the video it became more apparent that the boy had the exact same eye condition as I did.

I was floored! The video talked about how the surgeon that did the surgery was in California and he was the only surgeon in the country doing this procedure. I can’t describe what I was feeling. My son Jax kept looking at me saying “Why are you so excited daddy?” I contacted the Doctors office the next day and found out that I did qualify for the surgery. Over the next few months we struggled with our insurance who eventually denied the claim. We switched to my wife’s insurance who paid for a small percentage of the surgery. This left us with thousands of dollars of potential debt. My wife mentioned doing a “go fund me campaign”. I thought it was worth a shot.

Again I was floored! In a very short time friends and members of our church raised over $10,000. Eventually enough was raised to completely cover the surgery fees. I then had the surgery in February. Just a few months after my surgery, I was able to get my drivers license. I had been working from home for the last 10 years since working from home was really my only option at that point. I have always felt the need to do something more. I wanted to work in ministry or charity to help make a difference in peoples lives. Over the past few years, even before I knew about the surgery, I had mentioned to a few people at our church that I would be very interested if any positions ever came open. Even though I couldn’t drive at the time I knew God would make it work if it was meant to be.

A few months after I had my surgery our Senior Pastor said he needed to speak with me. He advised me that our church would soon have a Church Administrator position open. Within a few days I was able to get a vehicle and I happily accepted the position.

God’s plan doesn’t always make sense to us but after we see it played out we are reminded just how amazing he is. I never get tired of telling this story as I am still in awe of the way God works in our lives.  I feel that things like this happen to inspire others.

God Bless!