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My husband and I were traveling on our motorcycles from Illinois to Alabama to see my mother. It was our first long trip on the bikes and we were having a wonderful time looking at God’s wondrous scenery as we traveled. We both love riding at night as well so it was nothing for us to push on as darkness fell.

We were on the interstate with my husband in the lead. He was maybe a quarter mile or less in front of me when I saw a ladder laying across the rode. It was one of those big silver ones that roofers or carpenters use to get up on the roof so it was long. It lay across the two lane highway. As I said, it was dark so I didn’t see it till I was almost to it. There was also a semi coming up next to me in the left lane. I had no place to go. My only option was to hit the ladder. Thoughts flashed through my mind very quickly. “What am I going to do?” “Where can I go?” There was no place to go, so what I thought my last thought was “I’m going to die now.”

Amazingly enough, I was not scared, but somehow at peace with what was about to happen. As I ran “over” the ladder, I did not feel a bump or lose control of my bike. I looked to my left and saw the semi run THROUGH it. It was as if it was a hologram. I could see it, but it was almost transparent. My eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing so I looked in my left side mirror expecting to see pieces of the ladder flying all over the highway. There was nothing. I was trying to wrap my brain around what I had just seen…. Or maybe I hadn’t seen it. I began to question if what I saw was real. Had I imagined all of that? I must have!

My husband pulled over at the next gas station. The first words out of his mouth were “Did you see that ladder? I thought you were going to hit it. All I could do was pray you didn’t”. I said, “What? You saw the ladder too? I thought I had to be imagining it!” I told him what I had seen and about the semi. He had seen the semi as well and knew there was no way I wasn’t going to hit the ladder. As we discussed what we had both seen, we knew it had to be God’s divine intervention. For some reason God spared me from what would have surely been a horrific if not deadly accident. We both thanked God over and over again. I didn’t have time to ask God to save me, but He knew where I was and granted me the peace to deal with what I thought was about to happen, then He preformed a miracle.

I’ve told a handful of people my story. They seem to believe me and say they get “Goosebumps”, but I always wonder if they truly do. My husband and I decided that one of the reasons God granted me a continuation of my life was so that I could tell people about His grace and ability to provide miracles. When my husband and I get down and frustrated with life, we reflect on that time in our lives when God gave us a miracle. We remember that God does love us and is truly the God of miracles and grace.