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Business Underwriting

supporting "Faith. Hope. Family." with your business

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For more than 30 years, WCIC has been encouraging the local community with music and ministry reminding people to look up and find hope in Christ. WCIC is a nonprofit ministry that relies on support from listeners and businesses. When your business supports WCIC, listeners hear your name. It communicates that your business aligns with WCIC’s values of faith, hope, and family.


WCIC might be a good fit! Your business will be heard by a listening family who shares hope in Jesus. WCIC is a 501(c)(3) organization. When your business supports this non-profit music ministry, you can use it for your end-of-year tax purposes. If your business values faith, hope, and family, read on to find out more about the Business Support Program with WCIC!

As a non-profit, non-commercial, Contemporary Christian Music station, WCIC relies solely on business and listener support, and fundraisers for our annual expenses. Business Support/Underwriting is a unique, effective way to promote your business through your support of the station.

Janine business underwriting

Janine Fairchild

Business Underwriting Director

Phone: 877.692.9242, ext. 226

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Business Support Partners

The on-air business thank you length is 15 seconds. It thanks your business for its support, tells what you provide, and gives your Web site. After creating a script that is FCC compliant (click here for FCC Regulations), I'll submit it to you for approval before production begins. New technology makes it possible for your business thank you to be market-specific. You can have it run in Peoria, Springfield, or Sterling.

Your business information and link to your web site will also be posted at under Business Support Partners, giving our listeners an easy way to find out more about you.

Find Out More

“There are not many opportunities to get the word out about your business AND do something good for the community.”

- Megan | Trendsetters Floral in Chatham


“I support WCIC for the same reason that a person maintains a lifelong friendship - shared values. The station reflects the principles that I try to live by every day. And I love hearing people say, “I heard your name on WCIC.”

Bill McGee | State Farm Agency in Springfield


“This is a way we can not only promote our business but support something that is helpful to so many people.”

Brad | Zara Collision Center